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Irene Anderson Bev Craig Allen Johannson Ed Schatschneider
Wayne Anderson Ella Dahms Linda Johannson Barry Sloan
Connie Ball Stella Dent Bent Kobbero Marlene Smith
Karen Bergin Robert Erickson Art Landon Ken Stephanson
Lois Bouvette Ken Farr Gary Lemke  
Richard Brown Gwen Fleischman Irene Morison Deceased
Joesephine Brownlee Judy Groves Kjeld Nielsen Patricia Sveinbjornson
Marlene Brownlee Gary Hansen Freda Richter Bob Cruickshank
Barry Budverson Bob Hansen Jim Ross Don Hall
Darlene Carlson Jackie Hendrickson Gary Schaeber Tom VanHagen

August 26-28, 2005 - The 40th Year Reunion was an outstanding success and there are lots of photo's, etc.,
for the reunion page to keep me busy for some time.

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