Spruce View School Class of '65

Class Assignment

I hope classmates will view these pages as a class project and help by sending photos, stories and whatever else they have and would like to share from the reunion and/or our years at SVS, because what these pages are, and what they will ultimately become, depends on what everyone contributes. If nothing else, send me your comments. I look forward to receiving comments on my web pages and all feedback, good or bad, is appreciated and the only way I know if anyone actually reads any of this, if they find any of this interesting, if they would like to see more or if I should, perhapes, stop wasting my time and do something different.

So the Class Assignment is:

  1. For those who attended the 40th year reunion - Send me your reunion photo's and comments.
  2. For all classmates - Send me your photo's from our time at SVS, any other photo's that you would like to share and/or a summary of what you have been doing and where you have been since leaving school.

Robert is the first to complete the assignment. His 'Bound by the Ties' story is on the Classmate Paths page, however I think he cheated some by completing his story before there even was an assignment. Robert's story is much more then expected so I hope that no one is intimidated and hesitates to send me theirs. And do not worry about using software to lay everything out nicely as Robert did. A simple text file with your story and any photo's that you would like included is perfectly fine and I will do the rest. Robert's story and photos were already formatted to display and print properly on his computer using MS Word, but few programs display documents the same way on different computers so I had to spend time on his story anyway to make it display properly on my PC before creating the PDF document that will display properly on every computer.

Re: Sending Photos and Other Items for web pages

Digital Photo's and Other Digital Files

  • Attach digital photo's and files to an email and send them to me.
  • Do not crop, resize or edit digital photo's to reduce their file size.
  • Send the highest resolution (i.e. the biggest file size) images you have and let me crop and resize them as required. There is no problem with sending me email with large attachments as long as your mail server will handle them (unless, of course, a message is many GB and larger then the free space available on my mail server's hard drive). Contact me for an ftp upload directory if you have problems.

Photo Prints and Other Printed Items

  • Contact Gwen and send photo prints and other printed material to her that you wish to share. She already has a great collection of items that were on display at the reunion for all to see. I plan to visit Gwen at some point to scan this material and any additional photo's and items collected in the meantime. Do not hesitate to contact me if it would be easier for you to leave material for Gwen with myself as I can deliver them when visiting her to scan her material.

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